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Complete Rough Edit of RENDEZVOUS

As many of you know we have recently completed production on David Huffman’s short film FORK. What many of you might not know is that our partner, Roger Strong, has also recently completed production on a short film that will hit the festivals in 2015-2016, RENDEZVOUS. This is a very touching story about an older man who has lost his wife and searches their home for a recording of her voice. We did not do a Kickstarter campaign for this project, or publicize it in any way but wanted to let our followers know that there are two shorts to keep an eye on as we head into festival season.

Capstone is proud to be producing this project and very excited to announce, that we have seen a complete edit of the film. Roger is working hard to make final adjustments, but we could not be happier with how it is coming along. Stay tuned we will have more information on RENDEZVOUS in the months to come. | Eric Keith


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